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About QSeal

The internet has given buyers and suppliers around the word a perfect platform to conduct business with each other efficiently and cost-effectively.


“If a customer doesn’t trust you, he won’t buy from you.”

Therefore, you have to create a trust. Most of the time, the distance between a buyer and seller is too much that a buyer can not physically visit you. He only knows you through your website, so you have to create a trust.

To bridge this trust gap and build confidence, UKAF, One of the World's biggest accreditation board for certification and verification Bodies registered in United Kingdom, and operating all over the word, introduced an exclusive UK-QSEAL service.

QSEAL is a business verification service standard from UKAF that checks an SME's reliability and trustworthiness. This stamp is issued post verification of company's credentials pertaining to proof of existence, legal status, statutory approvals, affiliations, quality certifications and complaint management history. The unbiased information about the business status of suppliers helps buyers make an informed purchase decision about them.

As online fraud increases, it becomes important for customers to feel secure. Following are some statistics highlighting the rise of online fraud:

  • The Internet Crime Complaint Center estimates 22,000 fraud complaints each month in 2014.
  • Shopping cart abandonment rates vary by site, but are generally between 55% and 75%.
  • Of consumers who dropped out of a purchase, 20% mentioned “concerns about payment security” as a reason.
  • In some surveys, as many as 60% of participants said they had decided not to purchase a product because it was missing a trust seal.

Documentary proof is collected from suppliers to confirm that the information providing or credentials claimed by them are exact and reliable. The authentication is conducted by UKAF’s accredited certification bodiies. Certified SMEs can display QSEAL along with verified details on their websites, catalogs, directory listings, trade offers, among others.